DSC_0106Do you love travelling? Have you been to many places outside of your own country? What impressed you the most? How do you reflect on your travelling experiences – do you keep a journal, a blog, do you take photos or buy souvenirs?

What are your expectations about your year abroad? Apart from the new and exciting things you are going to experience, there will probably be hardships to difficulties that you need to brace yourself for. However, preparing for the unexpected, reflecting on your experiences and sharing and discussing them with others can turn your hardships and challenges into meaningful experiences that both you and others can explore and learn from.

Here are some great travel blogs you can draw inspiration from:

Photo Essays: The Light and Splendor of Florence. (also check out the other destinations in the blog).

The 20 Best Travel Blogs. So many places to visit, so many travel blogs to read. Choose the one you like best.

Did you know that you could travel around the world without even leaving your home? Here’s one great project, A Year of Reading the World, in which a young woman gets inspired by the London 2012 Olympics and decides to explore world literature.

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